About Me

20. Female. Student. Picture1

Book-loving, piano-playing, cartoon-drawing, part-time cloudcuckoolander.

In books I have found comfort for a lonely night, prose that makes the heart aflutter, characters to learn from and laugh with, stories that touch and amaze, and insights to be thoughts about for days on end.

I love books, and I tend to have lots of opinions after reading books. This blog is just a way for me to say what I want to say, give the books I love the recognition they deserve and the books I don’t some brutal honesty.

I love picking out books for myself, but I also love looking at reviews and doing ‘research’ on whether I should get a book. Hopefully my reviews will be able to assist others as well in their adventures of book reading!

Favorite genres:

As of 14 July, 2017:

  • Science fiction
  • Science non-fiction
  • Mystery

Before 14 July, 2017:

  • Historical fiction
  • Mysteries
  • Historical mystery fiction